Monday, April 8, 2013

Construction progress - new FHS

The steel continues to rise at the new Franklin High School. On my walk around Franklin on Saturday, I managed to capture these photos to share here:

From Oak St, main entrance to site
Peeking over the green covered fence was a challenge in the strong breeze Saturday.

The cranes are TALL
Getting closer, the cranes are really tall!

Front corner of new building
The coordination of the construction site is amazing. As a IT project manager I can appreciate the level of detail that must be required to get this job done.

front right corner, closer this time for a new angle view
There will be more steel put in place. Follow the line created from the upright sections and you can connect the dots in your minds eye.

around to the back corner of the right side
Now walking around to the back side of the right. The field house of the existing high school is behind me. That the new building is 3 stories tall is telling!

stairway to the roof
The building is impressive. The back is full across but the front is not yet complete. The front that we see currently is the front side of this back section. There will be an open space and then another section like this will get laid out in front. The open space will be a courtyard open on the first floor and letting light into the interior sections of the second and third floors.

The building will be one to treasure as an educational institution!

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