Thursday, May 9, 2013

'a long and winding road'

The Town Council and Administrator Jeff Nutting agreed to new language on the proposal to appoint future Treasurer/Collector positions.
Town Council on Wednesday approved, 8-1, a charter amendment needed for the change to become law should the ballot vote pass on Nov. 5. In 2010, a similar question failed. 
The amendment gives the town administrator power to pick a candidate for treasurer/collector. However, councilors must ratify the administrator’s selection before the appointment is official. 
The council struck down the amendment proposal in March because they believed it gave the town administrator too much power. They said at least one councilor should have a say in choosing a candidate. 
To address the council’s concerns, Town Administrator Jeffrey Nutting added a clause to assure more officials take part in the selection. The town administrator can appoint a candidate only after consulting with at least one member of the council and at least one member of the Finance Committee.

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Jim Dacey made his case in January and then again a couple of weeks later

A slidecast, combining the presentation document and the audio from the Town Council meeting allows you to hear the case for making the Treasurer/Collector and appointed position

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