Monday, August 26, 2013

Getting ready to slow down on King St

The meetings around the safety of the school crossing on King St at Wachusett St for the students going to the Parmenter Elementary School made promises that are about to be delivered.

Construction on the past couple of days have resulted in some tree branches trimmed back

note: tree branches trimmed

one tree removed

note: stump and sawdust remains where tree was

poles installed for better marking of the crossing

new sign pole on corner

speed warning signs have been installed. This one shown is on King St heading to i495. There is a similar one on King St heading towards Wachusett St.

new speed sign

With school opening on Tuesday, the work to finish the installation seems like it can be completed on Monday.

From the archives
the meeting at Parmenter with Franklin officials was mentioned during the January Town Council meeting

the plan to prepare for this installation was voted on and approved by the Finance Committee in March and then by the Town Council

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