Saturday, August 31, 2013

"If we didn't remove the weed, it would take over"

The trapa natans found in one of the DelCarte ponds is not unique to Franklin. According to Milford Daily News Mendon found it in one of their ponds and has been working to control it.

The Franklin Story

The Mendon Story

The cleanup is part of an ongoing effort to clear the weed from the water. Over the past four years, the town has used Community Preservation money to clear the pond by mechanical means. 
The eventual hope is to get the weed to such a level where it can be controlled by volunteers, working by hand.
Community Preservation Committee Chairwoman Anne Mazar said the work done by the town has begun to bear fruit. 
"It's much, much, improved," she said. "It will probably need one more year of mechanical removal, though we haven't gotten the environmental report yet."

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