Sunday, August 25, 2013

Franklin Public Schools: School Improvement Plans (SIP)

On the agenda for the School Committee meeting on Tuesday Aug 27 is the presentation, discussion and acceptance of the school improvement plans.

The district improvement plan is set and then each individual school works out how they can meet the overall objectives based upon their student population and individual requirements.

The School Administration earlier this year introduced a checklist to enable better tracking of the improvement plans and detailed action items. The checklist can be found here

The individual school improvement plans can be found on the link to each school name.

Elementary - School Improvement Plans
2. Davis Thayer
3. Jefferson
4. Keller
5. Kennedy
6. Oak Street
7. Parmenter
Middle - School Improvement Plans
1. Horace Mann
2. Remington
3. Annie Sullivan
High School – School Improvement Plan

  1. Franklin High School

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