Thursday, October 31, 2013

In the News: make Treasurer appointed, witch in Unionville

Dacey: Make Franklin post appointed

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, voters in Franklin will have an opportunity to change the Treasurer-Collector position from elected to appointed.  The Town of Franklin can join surrounding towns who appoint their Treasurers and Collectors with Milford and Plainville being the lone exceptions; Milford is looking to make their positions appointed.
This is the binding question on the ballot next Tuesday. The second or non-binding question is whether Franklin should consider a mayoral form of government. Technically we already do. In any case, it would take years to bring about the change if the decision were to go forward.

The text of the question can be found here

Johnston: Be there a witch in Unionville?

On All Hallow's Eve, the men went to Old Moll's grave on Forge Hill. In the dark of the night, guided only by the light cast by their tin lanterns, they dug up Old Moll.
There is nothing like a good story for Halloween!

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