Monday, October 28, 2013

Public Art - Portland, ME

I did a bunch of walking in Portland, ME this weekend and was pleased to see some public art in the city. Along the waterfront in one of the main tourist sections (Commercial St) and then in the Eastern Promenade there were several pieces on display and the photos are shown here. There are other pieces located through out the city in addition to many monuments.

public art - eastern promenade

public art 2 -  eastern promenade

public art 3 - eastern promenade

Armillary - Portland, ME

Armillary 2000 - Portland, ME

For additional information on this piece you can visit the Public Art Portland webpage

Unfortunately, the three pieces from the Eastern Promenade are not available on this webpage.
Portland did put together a "Master Plan" for the Eastern Promenade and you can find that here

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