Sunday, October 6, 2013


Up for discussion at the School Committee meeting Tuesday, Oct 8th is this "NAMING FACILITIES"

Naming a school is an important matter that deserves thoughtful attention. Personal prejudice or favoritism, political pressure, or temporary popularity should not be an influence in choosing a school name. Generally, school buildings are named for distinguished, deceased individuals who have made extraordinary contributions of an educational, professional or public service nature related to the district’s mission. Should the School Committee choose to name a school after an individual, the naming will not occur until 3 years after the individual has been deceased. It is critically important that the integrity, history, behavior and reputation of the named individual be consistent with the academic mission and values of the district. It may be appropriate to name schools for physical locations; geographical areas; distinguished local, state and national leaders whose names will lend dignity and stature to the school. 
Effective with the adoption of this policy, specific spaces or areas within school buildings or school grounds will not be named after individuals, living or deceased. However, if a building or specific space had previously been named for an individual, the district will continue to use the name so long as the building or area remains in use and serves its original function. When the use has changed such that it must be demolished, substantially renovated or rebuilt, the district shall refer the name for some other recognition. 
The School Committee has the sole authority to name, rename or revoke the naming of buildings or other school spaces.

Cross Reference: KCDA

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