Friday, November 29, 2013

"enhancing these public spaces for everyone to enjoy"

The Southern New England Trunk Line Trail (SNETT) is the beneficiary of two recent grants.
Last year, the Friends reached out to the six communities through which the trail passes, getting them to agree to help fulfill the groups’ goal of fixing up the entire trail. 
The groups say the grant funds will go toward two specific projects, including cutting back overgrowth and re-grading the surface of a roughly 2-mile section of the trail between South Street and Monroe Street in Douglas. 
And with help from the National Parks Service — made possible thanks to another grant — the groups aim to create a long-term development plan for the trail. The plan will include a protocol to inventory and assess trail conditions and structures.

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part of the SNETT in Franklin, the old utilities pole remains

For additional information on the development efforts of the SNETT trail visit the Franklin Bellingham Rail Trail Committee web page here

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