Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thank You

This website, newsletter, and Facebook page have seen six years of learning and sharing.

There were times of frustration
and times of joy!

There were times I thought I would quit.
More often than not, there were (and still are) times that keep me going!

Thank you for reading,
for subscribing,
for commenting,
for sending an encouraging email,
for sending along news and events to post,
for sharing this site with your friends and neighbors.

Franklin has over 30,000 people of which about 20,000 are registered to vote and fewer actually show up to do so.

For those who care, you are the reason this site exists.

Thank you!

Thank you
Thank you

As an alternative to watching a football game this evening,
consider the special from Story Corps on PBS

As an alternative to Black Friday, and cyber Monday there is #givingTuesday.
Consider making a donation either one-time or recurring to the Franklin Food Pantry or your most important charity!

Note: this will be the only post today.
Spend time with your family and friends.
Share a story or two.
Listen to a story or two.

Thank you!
Steve Sherlock

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