Wednesday, December 11, 2013

live reporting - Tax Classification Hearing

Tax Classification Hearing – 7:10 PM

The documents associated with the tax rate hearing can be found here

reference to the booklet shown by Ken Norman, the documents contained in the booklet are found in the link above.

Kevin Doyle, Director of Assessors
Ken Norman, Chairman - Board of Directors
Chris Feeley, John Neas

discussion on single vs. split tax rate, most communities inside the 128 beltway
the single rate is the fairest given the disproportionate groups residential vs. commercial industrial

Bissanti - a dual tax rate is burdensome upon the businesses, businesses have left communities for that

the high school building raised the taxes about $48 dollars on the average

My personal notes: this simpler quicker presentation was not very informative. If folks have seen this before, it is a minor rate change. If people have not seen this before, then they don't get much info in this forum.

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