Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Live reporting - License renewals, Legislation

Guidelines and Criteria for Penalizing Alcoholic Beverage License holder Violations

discussion on guidelines
there are two scenarios (1) police stings
ABC Board doesn't like these sting operations and doesn't feel that licensee should be penalized
(2) other operational violations - where an incident or accident occurs and underage drinking was found to have occurred. These are much more case by case. Could use compliance check and then at the mitigating factors to consider.

Williams - Nice work, I see nothing inconsistent with what we have done in prior Councils. Send them out to the renewals, then there is no excuse for someone saying I wasn't aware of that. Our hands aren't tied, these are the minimums and we can do more as required

Nutting - we could send them out with the renewals and then every year thereafter

Jones - I am happy to see that we have this in writing, it is good to have.

Bissanti - I want to applaud Mark Cerel for tackling this. I think the penalties are reasonable. I think attaching this to any license is a good idea.

Williams - as a rule, there is a notice out to the establishments that a sting is forthcoming.
Cerel - there is a set of guidelines on how to conduct

this will come up for a resolution and or as a bylaw for January meeting

Motion to approve the license renewals
seconded, approved 7-0-1 (abstain - Padula)

Padula - will abstain for the whole vote to avoid conflict of interest


1. Resolution 13-85: Classification Tax Allocation – Residential Factor
residential factor set as 1
motion to approve, 8-0

2. Resolution 13-86: Classification Tax Allocation – Open Space Exemption
There will not be an exemption for open space
motion to approve, 8-0

by not having these exemptions, everyone is treated the same

3. Resolution 13-87: Classification Tax Allocation – Small Business Exemption
There will not be an exemption for small business
motion to approve, 8-0

4. Resolution 13-88: Classification Tax Allocation – Residential Property Exemption
There will not be an exemption for residential property
motion to approve, 8-0

5. Resolution 13-89: 2014 Schedule of Town Council Meetings
motion, seconded, approved 8-0

6. Resolution 13-90: Legal Notices
designated the Milford Daily News as the legal source
motion, seconded, approved 8-0

7. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-726: Amendment to Chapter 185, Attachment 9, Schedule of Lot, Area,
Frontage Yard and Height Requirements – Referral to Planning Board

Mercer, Bissanti, Padula  recused themselves from this discussion

Motion to refer to Planning Board, seconded

impervious coverage chart wasn't adjusted for the unit density calculations
looking to get the impervious change for Zone 7, not in any other zone
looking only to affect multi-family in Zone 7

Passed 5-0

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