Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On the web from Franklin: homemade thin mint cookies, shedding light on the new FHS

Berry Insurance is running a series on 12 Cookies of Christmas
Don’t let the short recipe fool you – Staci Mone’s Homemade Thin Mints will have you wondering if it’s Girl Scout Cookie season! These Homemade Thin Mints are sure to spark some holiday cheer among your family and friends.
One of the ingredients is Ritz crackers....

Check out and try the recipe here  


The Franklin High School student run blog, Pantherbook is starting to get busy.
In a recent interview, Principal Light described the improvements that students, teachers, and administrators will enjoy when the new school opens in September. 
According to Mr. Light, the first floor of the new school will be dedicated to electives. The other classrooms will be separated by grade level rather than by subject. “The second floor will be juniors and seniors, because they’re going to be the ones that go up and down stairs the most, because they take more electives, and then the third floor will be freshmen and sophomores,” Light said. 
The read the full posting here: http://pantherbook.org/top-stories/2013/12/16/mr-light-sheds-light-on-new-school/#sthash.Dp0MioFt.dpuf

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