Friday, December 6, 2013

Stories told via postcards

A regular reader shares this bit of info:
"Given the holiday season, we are striving to make more people of your towns aware of the book. Postcard History of Norfolk County, Massachusetts, makes a marvelous holiday gift and one that parents and children and other town folks would enjoy reading. The book provides unforgettable memories about each of the communities as well as serves as a reference."
The book tells stories of the towns in Norfolk County including a section on Franklin. The stories are told with post cards from each town. The picture book is a good size so it would not make a 'stocking stuffer' it would be more of a 'coffee table book'.

Part of the interest in this books comes from the story on how it was written. James and Paul Tedesco started writing it after getting the idea from a note on the back of an old postcard. James, the son, died a couple of years into the writing effort and the father Paul completed the book.

You can read the WickedLocal article on this book here

If you want to order one, you can email Paul Tedesco at

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