Thursday, December 5, 2013

WMRC 1490 - Station of the Year Award - 2013

“I was absolutely stunned. This is the equivalent of winning the Super Bowl or the World Series back to back, so I was in complete shock when they announced we had won the Station of the Year Award again. I can’t say enough about my staff, our listeners, and all the local partners we’ve developed over the years” said Tom McAuliffe, owner of WMRC-First Class Radio, as he accepted The 2013 Massachusetts Broadcasters Association’s Station of the Year Award. “And to think we also won the Best Use of Digital Media Award for all of our work on the WMRC Local Music Awards. This certainly proves that our Multi-Media efforts over the past few years are resonating with our listeners and community partners. It’s not just radio anymore.” McAuliffe added.

WMRC Station of the Year Award - 2013

"The Station of the Year Award is the one award that every station strives to win. It's the most cherished station award the Massachusetts Broadcasters Association presents”, explained Jordan Walton, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Broadcasters Association. “WMRC truly epitomizes what LOCAL radio, and service to the community is all about, and we're proud to salute them with this honor for the second straight year.”

“The Station of the Year” award, is presented annually by the Massachusetts Broadcasters Association to the most outstanding radio station in the Commonwealth, and is open to all of the more than 180 radio stations.

The “Station of the Year” award is given to the top station in Massachusetts that exemplifies overall excellence in all phases of operation. The judges, members of the Utah Broadcasters Association, cited WMRC had experienced extraordinary growth of audience, client base, and billing, but most importantly, WMRC was providing exceptional service to their listeners, community officials, and local organizations.

To put this award into perspective, the television “Station of the Year” for 2013 was WCVB, Channel 5 Boston, considered by many to be the finest TV station in the United States. You can see the prestige that this award grants WMRC-First Class Radio. This is actually the 5th Station of the Year Award for McAuliffe and WMRC as they won it on three separate occasions back in the 1990’s.

About WMRC
WMRC-First Class Radio 1490AM has been on the air since 1956, making it one of the oldest, continually locally owned and operated radio stations in Massachusetts. Tom McAuliffe II owns and operates the station with his wife Megan. While the station’s signal reaches much farther, WMRC focuses on a 14-town area serving 250,000 people surrounding Milford, MA. WMRC is a Dial Global affiliate and carries both NBC Radio News and complete coverage of the Boston Red Sox, and Boston College Football and Basketball.

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