Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Live reporting - Zoning Workshop (part 2)

B. Areas for Discussion requested by Economic Development Committee

1. Increase areas for Multi-family Housing

why are discussing increasing areas for housing when we were discussing that this residential housing is costing us money

it is a difficult situation with the way the State is funding education. 

about 1200 apartments and condos in Franklin

we have to fix zone 6 first, it doesn't really fit on the map, no one has asked for it

zone 6 had been stopped before because it was helping to drive the school population

multifamily zone doesn't discriminate between rental or condo

2. Increase areas for Commercial/ Business Development
brings up the RT 140 discussion again
what is the right area to increase commercial within the town

in the current industrial area downtown Thompson building, but then it is next to the train station and it is not prime for residential

Bernon Family trust owns the land near the town line past Garelick Dairy

be aware of issues where zones come together, home owners are used to the buffer

only 2% of the land is zoned commercial, 18% is zoned industrial, and 80% is zoned residential

re-write neighbor and put that on the map would address the need

what is the benefit of more commercial space? does it put more money in our pocket?

we need commercial/industrial more than residential. A property owner pays about $5K and one kid in the schools cost $10K

the only way you control what goes on in your neighborhood is to own the land

consider getting Garelick to Maple St to re-zone as commercial

discussion on Washington St property with industrial switched to residential

2. Other Proposed Zoning Changes
Commercial I Zoning District

  • Amend the dimensional requirements for Commercial I in the Town’s Zoning By-law’s Schedule of Lot, Area, Frontage, Yard and Height Requirements
  • Amend the Town’s Zoning Bylaw to require sufficient parking in the Commercial I zoning district.

zoning comparisons are hard to make from community to community, each has been so customized for the local requirements

consensus to leave C1 alone

meeting closed

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