Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Live reporting - Zoning Workshop

Present: Taberner, Dahlstrom, Vallee, Nutting, Pfeffer, Kelly,Williams, Padula, Halligan, other members of the Planning Board; some members of the Downtown Partnership, including Dean College

1. Proposed Zoning Map Changes
Alpine Row

  • Rezone properties along Alpine ROW currently zoned Commercial I to the Downtown Commercial Zoning District.
  • Rezone properties currently zoned Commercial I along Alpine ROW to the General Residential V Zoning District

discussion around changing some of the downtown section currently C1 to the Downtown Commercial zone, discussion around the three residences along Alpine, keeping them as they are as C1 and move along with the others to the downtown commercial zone

Josephine Street

  • Rezone properties along Josephine Street currently zoned Industrial to General Residential V.

discussion around some wet lands currently zoned industrial and suggestion to make it residential, shouldn't increase opportunity for residential due to the wet lands and lot size requirements. Two of the lots are already in the Town's hands as the owner didn't want to pay taxes on swamp

Cottage Street/Union Street Area

  • Rezone properties along Cottage Street and Union Street currently zoned Industrial and Business to Commercial I and or Commercial II.
mostly clean up of lot lines and change of zoning to provide more flexibility and adjust the zoning to the actual lot lines

West Central Street, East of Beaver Street

  • Rezone properties along the south side of West Central Street from Beaver Street east (approximately .15 miles) to General Residential V.

proposed clean up of property lines, some are lingering from prior years clean up efforts. The zoning should align with the property lines

the real question is should RT 140 be zoned commercial all the way... or do we keep the commercial where it is outside the direct downtown...

discussion on both sides for commercial and again for keeping it R4 (but cleaning up the lot lines)

if you re-zone it, it won't happen overnight.

if someone came in to buy the whole set, then they could come before the council to get a zoning change

Think of tomorrow, sometime that will be all commercial

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