Monday, January 27, 2014

"community will gain a lot from it"

In 1974, a student in Palma Johnson’s second-grade class at John F. Kennedy Elementary School wondered why Massachusetts didn't have a state bug. 
There was already a state bird, a state fish and a state tree, but not an official insect. One student suggested the ladybug. 
Together, the class drafted a petition to make the ladybug the state bug. When its petition came before a committee, the students, dressed, of course, as ladybugs, traveled to the State House and testified. 
Improbably the bill passed both the House and Senate. And when then-Gov. Francis Sargent signed it into law, the children were there to watch.

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Ladybug floor mat at JF Kennedy School
Ladybug floor mat at JF Kennedy School

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