Sunday, January 19, 2014

"the next generation of transportation"

The Milford Daily News provides an update on the Metrowest area's top 10 traffic and transportation challenges that were identified 10 years ago. There has been progress made.

9. I-495 at Rte. 119 in Littleton and I-495 at Rte. 140 in Franklin 
The Littleton area has seen work in conjunction with development, including a project with developer Sam Park to widen part of Rte. 119, reconstruct sidewalks and add signals and turn lanes. 
Crews improved the Rte. 140 area in Franklin in the mid-2000s by relocating and widening a 1.5-mile stretch of Rte. 140 and improving and widening the 140/495 interchange, according to the MassDOT website. Nagi said there are still some transportation challenges there, including parking at the nearby commuter rail station.

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