Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Franklin Schools: School Status for Thursday - Feb 6, 2014


By now I hope you are all plowed/shoveled out. In anticipation of school opening tomorrow a few reminders. The temperature will drop this evening and much of the snow/sleet/slush will freeze. DPW will treat the parking lots and roads however,  surfaces will not be dry. Please take caution to reduce speeds and stay 100 feet behind all school buses (as per law). If you have young drivers in your home please caution them to reduce speed and not follow other cars too closely. 
DPW  has done an exceptional jobs clearing streets and parking lots.  Due to the volume and density of the snow,  please be advised  that  sidewalks will not be plowed by the opening of school.  As a result we will initiate emergency bussing for our students who are walkers. Buses will pick up  any student seen walking.  Parents of a walker may access our web site for the list of bus numbers and stops and you can access transportation without a bus pass. 
Finally, any  parent/guardian has concerns about getting child to school you may exercise your right to keep child home. Please contact the school and let them be aware so it is recorded as an excused absence.

Thank You and Stay Safe,
Maureen Sabolinski

from 'Nemo" in Feb 2012
from 'Nemo" in Feb 2012

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