Thursday, February 6, 2014

"It came on really fast"

Milford Daily News recaps the storm from the surrounding area DPW perspectives:
Franklin DPW Director Robert Cantoreggi said the circumstances of the storm were positive. 
"The timing was pretty good - most people knew about the storm, and a lot of people stayed off the roads," he said, adding that school cancellations helped the situation. 
Many directors said they were concerned about the salt supply for the storm, but they all said their stores were adequate. 
"We were running low earlier, but there was a lull and we were able to fill up our supplies," said Bellingham DPW Director Donald DiMartino. 
Cantoreggi said Franklin was set on salt supplies, but noted that the season has been hard on vendors.

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early Weds morning in Franklin
early Weds morning in Franklin

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