Sunday, February 2, 2014

"How can I help get them off the streets?" (video)

For six years, Michael Leoni has documented the lives of homeless teenagers living in Los Angeles, interviewing nearly 400 for a film that he hopes shines a light on the problem.
Still unfinished, the film, "American Street Kid," depicts young people trying to survive life on the streets. 
Through the course of filming — compiling hundreds of hours — the Franklin High School graduate found himself nearly homeless once and had to cope with the deaths of two of the teenagers he aimed to help. 
Despite the adversity, Leoni, born Michael Leon, won’t stop until the film is released. 
"It’s really, really, tough subject matter," Leoni said in a recent telephone interview from Los Angeles. "We’ve kept going, and now we’ve got to see the hope."

You can finish reading the full artcile here:

You can view the promo video here (7 minutes)

and find our more about American Street Kid here

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