Thursday, February 13, 2014

Franklin Schools: Weather Update and Friday Status


Good Evening 
It is my hope that you all managed in this the terrible weather.  School department our offices were open  so I did experience the impact of  the snow/ice/sleet on our roads. I am thankful for my Jeep !!

We anticipate that all schools will be open in the morning. As the forecast continues to be unpredictable we are hopeful that by morning there will be significant improvement in the conditions. DPW has been plowing and treating roads and will continue  to treat roads/parking lots through tomorrow morning. In the event that snow/ice accumulations are more than anticipated we may need to delay the start of school, however this is not our goal.  An additional concern is the possibility of a power outage. Any loss of power in a school may  impact our ability to open a specific school. 
Due to the volume of snow, DPW will not be able to plow sidewalks by the start of the school day.  As a safety measure we will implement emergency transportation for our students who walk to school and for HS drivers whose parents feel  road conditions are not appropriate for new drivers. Buses have been directed to pick up any student walking. Buses will also pick up students at bus stops  and students will be able to access a bus without a bus pass. For a list of bus stops please refer to the district web site and look for the drop down menu for transportation. As always if a parent feels the weather conditions are not safe for a child to attend school please feel free to exercise your right to keep your child home without impunity.

As this is our fourth ( hopefully final) snow day, our last day of school is now a half- day on June 20. For those traveling during the winter vacation, safe travels and hopefully you are going to a far warmer place. To all of our families and faculty- enjoy the vacation. 
Maureen Sabolinski

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Maybe winter will give us a break soon!
Maybe winter will give us a break soon! 

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