Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"create an ultimate map for all four towns"

The Milford Daily News catches up to the CIC grant awarded last week:
Franklin Fire Chief Gary McCarraher, who traveled to the State House last Thursday to collect the grant, said it is common for individual towns to have GIS maps. But this grant will be used to create an ultimate map for all four towns, a true innovation. 
"This would allow us to create a master map so each community can share information," McCarraher said. "Eventually that information will get piped from the dispatch center into the cab of the emergency vehicle that’s responding." 
He said the system proves helpful because there may be firefighters responding to a community they may not be familiar with. 
"The whole idea of dispatch is rapidly sending resources to the right address, so what this does is, if you call 911, regardless of where you call from, your information will show up on the map," he said. "There will be no need for the dispatcher to ask, ‘Can you give me that address again?’ Or, ‘What’s the location of the closest hydrant?’ All of that will be in front of them. And that’s powerful."

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The story appeared here on Saturday

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