Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Likable Shady Guy - February 2014 Edition

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Fabric Romance
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 My Services 

The Likable Shady Guy is me: Roger Magalhaes - humbled I know.
Likable by my mom and Shady Guy by clients, colleagues and some neighbors... 
In case you are wonder, watch what I do and decide for yourself.

Call me in case I was able to "fool" you.

Review Me

Today more than ever, people rely on online reviews to buy products and services. From hotels rooms, cars, books, movies and of course window treatments. 

In case you'd like to write one too DO NOT send it to me. Instead, you must use the link below.... Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Dear Steve 

In case you are still looking for the perfect gift for your Valentine this week, I may be able to help. Read on and make sure to watch the video to get you inspired!

Roger Magalhaes
Shades In Place Inc.
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 Fabric Romance

It all started last summer while I was repairing a shade at one of the local Starbuck stores. The phone rang and the male caller asked "do you service residences too? I just saw one of your vans at Starbucks."

The following week I went and met the lady of the house, she gave me a "tour" of the home and we discussed all the items on her wish list.  I sent a proposal the next day and ....nothing! Touched base again the following month and still no signs of civilization on the other side. 

Fast forward to early January this year - someone just walked in my studio: "Hi! I'm the guy that saw you at Starbucks a couple months ago...But the funny (or sad) thing was that he did not bring his wife. 

We discussed options and prices and then he said "do you have a brochure of your store? I want to give it to my wife on Valentine's Day and tell her to come here so she can pick anything she wants." Did I tell you how much I looove this guy?

So in case you don't know what to give to your Valentine this week, I may be able to help you by creating some Romance with beautiful fabric Roman shades or an upholstered headboard for a cozy bedroom. Watch the video below for some very nice suggestions.

Fabric 'Romance' Shades
Fabric 'Romance' Shades

With all the options and styles I offer the credit card, I mean the sky is the limit and I will make sure that there is a little money left over for flowers and chocolates. 

For a typical 36" wide x 55" tall window, a Roman shade will start at $267 each. For drapery side panels, they start at $ 247 (hardware excluded) and a upholstered fabric cornice starts at $231.  

If you'd like to leave a comment or request, please click here

Now, please excuse me because I still need to install the new shades in my own bedroom...

 Our Brochure

With the help of my graphic designer, I have developed a beautiful eight page brochure featuring our services and products. The brochure is rich of colorful pictures, testimonials and  tells a bit of our story and the commitment with our clients.
To dowload a PDF  version please click on the link below.
I would be happy to drop a hard copy in the mail if you simply send me an email request including a mailing address. To request a hard copy brochure, click here

Great Deals

Meat cleaver cutting a dollar sign in half on a white background

FREE cordless upgrade on select honeycomb shades. 
10% OFF on select products.
Ask for details!
Offer valid until March 31st, 2014

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