Thursday, March 20, 2014

Franklin Voices: Open Letter to the Franklin Town Council

This came in from a couple of sources. A few of the Town Council in their closing comments referenced this having heard it was already making the rounds. Their comments indicated no set plan (contrary to the statements within the letter). Their comments also referenced their prior 5-4 vote as proof that the Council is not likely all on board (contrary to the implications of the letter). The Councilors also stressed that if any resident wanted to get the details to reach out to them. Their contact information (email and phone numbers) are posted on the Franklin webpage. They would be happy to discuss to clarify any possible misunderstandings.

Open Letter to the Franklin Town Council regarding 150 Emmons Street property (Old Municipal Building)
On behalf of Franklin, Massachusetts property owners, business owners, customers and citizens of Franklin we urge the Town Council to put on hold any decision to sell the Emmons Street property, including an RFP, for one year. 
* Please Note - Franklin, MA residents, property owners, or business owners are eligible to sign this open letter. Resident address information will not be displayed on site, and will only be used when verifying and delivering signatures to Town Council on April 2nd, 2014. Please indicate your business address if you are a business owner and note in the comment field. 
1. We believe it is critical to understand the impact of the new traffic pattern prior to the Council deciding what type of development it would like to see on the site. 
2. This would provide the business community and customers with alternative parking during the streetscape project construction. We cannot afford to lose any business during the construction process due to the lack of parking or access to properties. 
3. If the Council decides to sell the property after the streetscape is completed it will potentially command a higher value at that time. 
4. The property has been in the town’s control for over a century. Another year will not make a difference to the financial condition of the town, but a hasty decision will affect the town for years to come. We ask that you give the community time to participate in the decision-making process.

You can add your name to the petition by opening this link

If the link above is having some trouble try this one

150 Emmons St - the subject of the discussion
150 Emmons St - the subject of the discussion

The building was originally a school (right side of building as pictured) and then renovated in the 1990's to add the left portion and become the Franklin Municipal Building. It served in that capacity until the move to the building at 355 East Central St. Currently the building is used by the Recreation Dept.

My notes from the public meeting earlier this month can be found here

The next formal discussion on the future of the building is currently scheduled for the Apr 2 Town Council meeting.

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