Monday, March 17, 2014

"the ones who have their developmental needs met, they do much better"

The article on kindergarten development has raised the issue of common core and standardized testing. The Boston Globe Ideas section has an article on another aspect of the current education situation.
“What the study underscored is the tremendous amount of potential here—they’re a national resource,” Lubinski says. “But it’s hard to separate the findings of this study from what we know about gifted kids in general. The genuine concern is, we know we’re not identifying all of this population. We’re not getting nearly enough, and we’re losing them.” 
To people more worried about kids who are falling through the cracks altogether, doing slightly less than we could for the most gifted might not seem like a pressing problem. But if the study is right that exceptional youthful ability really does correlate directly with exceptional adult achievement, then these talented young kids aren’t just a challenge for schools and parents: they’re also demonstrably important to America’s future. And it means that if, in education, we focus on steering all extra money and attention toward kids who are struggling academically, or even just to the average student, we risk shortchanging the country in a different way. 
“We are in a talent war, and we’re living in a global economy now,” Lubinski says. “These are the people who are going to figure out all the riddles. Schizophrenia, cancer—they’re going to fight terrorism, they’re going to create patents and the scientific innovations that drive our economy. But they are not given a lot of opportunities in schools that are designed for typically developing kids.”

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This topic has come up during prior budget sessions and school committee meetings. With the focus on no child left behind and the legal requirements for those with special needs, the students at the high end and in the middle are getting squeezed.

What do we want for our children's education?

Horace Mann Middle School, Oak St Elementary School
Horace Mann Middle School, Oak St Elementary School 

Disclosure - yes, my wife happens to be a kindergarten teacher here in Franklin. 

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