Saturday, June 21, 2014

Franklin Alert: Series of Break-ins Hitting Area

The following info is making the rounds on Facebook and via email:

Hi friends and neighbors,

In case you haven't heard, our house was broken into last Friday, 6/13 around 11:00 am.  Two of my neighbors saw the car turn around and park in front of our house.  The high school van actually passed the car and identified it as a 2010 White Chevy HHR car w/ solid panels on the back side windows and Rhode Island plates.  It looks like a cross between a PT Cruiser and a delivery van.   
suspect vehicle with RI license plates
suspect vehicle with RI license plates

They walked right up to my house probably through the wooded area leading to my driveway and onto my back deck.  They smashed a back door window and reached in to open the door.  They took a laundry basket and a suitcase and loaded it with jewelry, electronics, pocketbooks, etc.  The house wasn't ransacked and they seemed to want to get out quickly (or were spooked by the bus).  The un-nerving thing is most of my neighbors were home and they walked in and out of my house in broad daylight carrying a laundry basket, luggage and even a power washer!  It was just luck that we weren't home or didn't walk in on them since we were only out for 2 hours.  

The police said there's been 15 similar breaking and entering type robberies and this is the fist clue they've gotten on the thieves.  Please pass this message on to your friends and neighbors to warn them and PLEASE be on the lookout for strange cars in your neighborhood.  The police think they're drug addicts looking for items they can quickly pawn.  
They come in the middle of the day when most people are out and probably ring the bell to see if anyone is home.  It makes me to mad that they are able to get away with this so please help stop them!!  Attached is a picture of the car....police believe they will continue to use in the future!

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