Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Live reporting - Dept of Planning and Community Development


Director Bryan Taberner

(presentation copy to be added later)

summary of department operation and staffing
12 zoning bylaw amendments approved during 2014 thus far

working on re-consideration of requirements for special permits

Projects currently underway

  • Solarize Franklin (about 14 families interested thus far, looking for more)
  • 150 Emmons St (requests due at end of July)
  • Pond St property (appraisal being done)
  • Nu-Style property (building #2 demolition and ongoing environmental assessment)

Business attraction and retainage

  • looking to attract the 'right' business mix

recent press release on Platinum level for BioTech

Downtown revitalization
multiple efforts underway
150 Emmons St, proposed Cultural District, downtown project (road construction)

Pfeffer - question on goal for creating economic development
Taberner - we are working quickly and effectively, we have developed the bylaws and changes in record time. The decisions are in the Planning Board hands, it was always known that there would be a special permit required.

Kelly - You're good as you are meeting the criteria. If it doesn't then it drags on and on
Taberner - I have one senior and no interns at the moment

No submissions of interest at this time

Padula - question on the possible push back from Town Council on the Cook's Farm issue

Nutting - this is a very complex project, it is always the Town's fault and that is not the case

Vallee - Mr Nutting is following the project, the developer is not aware of how to request demolition of building on site, that is another problem

Bissanti - if you were more sympatheic, you would direct your people to be more helpful
I don't care what you and Jeff say, developers are vilified in this town
Would you say that there is an anti-growth rhetoric in this town?
Taberner - absolutely not

In other communities, there is more madness than what happens here
If the project is thought out and well designed, meeting all the requirements, regulations and laws, you will get through very quickly

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