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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Town of Franklin Awarded $500,000 EPA Brownfields Cleanup Grant

Continued Environmental Assessment and Remediation Work at the Nu-Style Property to Unlock Opportunities for Redevelopment with $100,000 Contribution from the Town of Franklin.

The Town of Franklin has been awarded $500,000 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through the Brownfields Multipurpose, Assessment, Revolving Loan Fund, and Cleanup Grant Program. The funds will be used to complete remediation of soil and groundwater contamination at the town-owned former "Nu-Style Property" at 21 Grove St.; a critical step towards continued investment of the Grove St. corridor. 

The "Nu-Style Property" is one of several properties in a small mill complex that has a long manufacturing history (at least 90 years). Environmental contamination from previous owners, especially Nu-Style Company & Image Jewelry, was significant. Similar to other communities with brownfields sites, Franklin has struggled to obtain the resources needed to fully clean up the property to unlock redevelopment, as Federal and State grant funding programs are very competitive, and the cost of brownfields cleanup is costly.

Due to funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, nationally, 262 communities were selected to receive over $215 million in competitive EPA Brownfields funding through the Multipurpose, Assessment, Revolving Loan Fund, and Cleanup (MARC) Grant Program. This represents the highest funding level ever announced in the history of the Brownfields Program. Even with this unprecedented level of funding, the Town of Franklin was one of only six Massachusetts communities awarded EPA Brownfields Cleanup funding in 2023.

"Through the bipartisan infrastructure law, Congress put politics aside to invest in our future. Children in Franklin will inherit cleaner water & cleaner soil as a result of this grant, and everyone will benefit from unlocking more economic development." said U.S. Congressman Auchincloss.

According to Bryan Taberner, the Town of Franklin's Director of Planning and Community Development, "The Town has worked for well over 15 years to assess the environmental contamination at the former industrial site, and clean it up for redevelopment."

The Town has committed $100,000 in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to support the project. Town Administrator Jamie Hellen notes, "By investing $600,000 in total funding towards remediation of the Nu-Style property, the town will enhance a more valuable asset, which will pave the way for additional economic development opportunities in town."

For more information on the EPA's Brownfields Program:

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Franklin Awarded $500,000 EPA Brownfields Cleanup Grant
Franklin Awarded $500,000 EPA Brownfields Cleanup Grant

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Town Council Meeting Recap - Oct 7, 2020

Quick Recap:
  • CPA promoted during Citizens Comments
  • Two more sets of lot line clean ups approved by Council; sewer extension approved for single family residence
  • Citizen comment via landline phone added later as broadcast of number did not allow time to dial and address a comment. Question was effectively following up on a study of the DPW workforce and why there were so much turnover (and recently acknowledged 5 openings being filled). Study is being worked not received yet.
  • Presentation and discussion on Planning and Community Development Dept, which includes work by Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Design Review, Technical Review and Conservation Commission (see agenda doc for link to presentation)
  • Meeting broadcast was interrupted with loss of sound just as they moved into the Legislation for action section. Apparently, the laptop in the Chamber lost connection and no audio was broadcast either live stream or Zoom (it controlled the Zoom session). Did return approximately 20 minutes later with some disconnected audio, then it seemed to synch properly to close out the meeting
  • Light for intersection of Grove and Washington coming (yah!), plans for rework all along Grove St talked of, timeline TBD.
  • Study of South Meeting House received and to be posted to web site
  • Drought status is worsening
Photos captured during the meeting and shared via Twitter cen be found in the album
As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.
The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #tc1007
  • Getting ready for the next meeting; Town Council up at 7 PM, agenda and connection info in doc here… #tc1007
  • Multiple options to watch/listen to meeting; Comcast channel 11 or Verizon channel 29, also live streamed from town of Franklin page… as well as the Zoom info in doc linked earlier #tc1007  oh, and you can call in via phone as well!
  • #tc1007 Meeting opens
  • Citizen comments used by two Franklin folks to talk about the Community Preservation Act on the November ballot as ballot question #3. Webinar coming Oct 15 at 7 PM send email to or visit for info #tc1007
  • Opening 2 hearings for lot line changes more in the series of clean up. #tc1007 parcels were in multiple zones and being moved to a single zone. No material impact to current owners (had my own lot line cleaned up previously)
  • Clarification questions on reading the map and which way the zone changes would go. One question was for a lot not part of this set of changes #tc1007 only changes the lots split, if lots weren't split not part of the change. Q on mixing changes, attorney approves this use case
  • #tc1007 single family house with failing septic, had been here previously (Sep) looking for a private extension for the one house; hearings closed
  • Reopening citizen comments for one who dialed via phone but couldn't do so fast enough to get into that section of the meeting. Comment on the study of the DPW mentioned previously: 5 open positions. Will the study be available?  #tc1007
  • Bryan Taberner of Planning and Community development here to do  presentation on their work #tc1007
  • Support conservation and planning issues, #tc1007 Planning Board elected positions
  • Lots of variety in applications submitted #tc1007
  • Q to clarify some of the categories
  • Q on who does the inspection of these plans and approvals, contracted with Beta to do so. #tc1007 Beta's report comes back thru channels for decision. Q on bond holding process re: enforcement for subdivision yes, site plan no
  • Attny Cerel comments on the covenant process for the subdivisions, various methods of surety (cash, etc) #tc1007 pros, cons and things change overtime with the market place
  • There are a few problem areas that remain unresolved. #tc1007 Jen Delmore, conservation agent takes this part of the presentation
  • #tc1007 clarification on types of work covered and required for ConCom
  • ConCom has an open position, looking for a volunteer. Design review commission support provided by dept. Covers all sign requirements. #tc1007 makes recommendations to Planning Board
  • #tc1007 Q when dealing with a franchise (Wendy's, etc) how do they handle them? Are their hands tied? Attny Cerel to weigh in on this in absence of others who may be out due to power outages around this evening
  • Comprehensive planning, zoning bylaws, master plan review should be started in 2023 for approval in 2025 or so. Hazardous plan in review with MA before going to FEMA, will ultimately require Town Council endorsement #tc1007
  • #tc1007 (just photos)
  • SNETT trail tunnel almost complete, 'complete streets' project coming #tc1007  use of TIFs is great, three used so far Hamilton, Cold chain, and Tegra Medical...
  • Detail doc on master plan updates
  • #tc1007
  • Oops, just lost audio from meeting on both live stream and Zoom session #tc1007  (08:15 PM)
  • Meeting continues so they are not aware of our no sound status #tc1007
  • FYI the chamber lost connection and are working on it. #tc1007 (08:25 PM)
  • 5 minutes recess called #tc1007
  • They're back albeit with gaps in the audio more than a normal voice pause, phrases being missed. Oh well. We'll do what we can #tc1007  (08:33 PM)
  • Picking up with the authorization for fixing the intersection at Grove/Washington Sts (yah!) #tc1007 revenue from the cannabis companies coming would help to pay for this work, check the details in memo
  • Did apply for MassWorks grant for repaving of Grove St up to Kenwood Circle, need to get this and other pieces together to do the work in 2021. #tc1007
  • Still in drought and additional measures coming to help conserve water supply. #tc1007 museum may open before election. Should get an update each meeting.
  • We are in a drought, it could get really serious, forecast doesn't show help coming soon. #tc1007
  • Could we talk with Nationalgrid again, power outages are becoming frequent? #tc1007
  • Comments DPW study is being worked coming shortly, been worked. Flag policy reached tonight for 9/11 .
  • Museum holiday Ornaments for sale this weekend, drive by purchase at museum. Fund raiser for museum #tc1007 3 families affected by the fire on Peck/Winter st a stubborn blaze to fight
  • Compliments for fire department and response from local community
  • FEF fund raising via many smaller events as the basketball game can't be played #tc1007 SAFE Coalition busy as addiction is increasing during covid-19
  • Executive session to be entered and not return to open session #tc1007 motion passed 8-0, redo vote via roll call. Still 8-0


Town Administrator Jamie Hellen with an update during the Town Council meeting
Town Administrator Jamie Hellen with an update during the Town Council meeting

Monday, June 30, 2014

Dept of Planning and Community Development - Jun 18

During the June 18th meeting of the Town Council, Bryan Taberner used this document for his presentation and discussion.

My notes from this segment of the meeting can be found here

The full summary of the meeting can be found here

Franklin Municipal Building
Franklin Municipal Building

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Live reporting - Dept of Planning and Community Development


Director Bryan Taberner

(presentation copy to be added later)

summary of department operation and staffing
12 zoning bylaw amendments approved during 2014 thus far

working on re-consideration of requirements for special permits

Projects currently underway

  • Solarize Franklin (about 14 families interested thus far, looking for more)
  • 150 Emmons St (requests due at end of July)
  • Pond St property (appraisal being done)
  • Nu-Style property (building #2 demolition and ongoing environmental assessment)

Business attraction and retainage

  • looking to attract the 'right' business mix

recent press release on Platinum level for BioTech

Downtown revitalization
multiple efforts underway
150 Emmons St, proposed Cultural District, downtown project (road construction)

Pfeffer - question on goal for creating economic development
Taberner - we are working quickly and effectively, we have developed the bylaws and changes in record time. The decisions are in the Planning Board hands, it was always known that there would be a special permit required.

Kelly - You're good as you are meeting the criteria. If it doesn't then it drags on and on
Taberner - I have one senior and no interns at the moment

No submissions of interest at this time

Padula - question on the possible push back from Town Council on the Cook's Farm issue

Nutting - this is a very complex project, it is always the Town's fault and that is not the case

Vallee - Mr Nutting is following the project, the developer is not aware of how to request demolition of building on site, that is another problem

Bissanti - if you were more sympatheic, you would direct your people to be more helpful
I don't care what you and Jeff say, developers are vilified in this town
Would you say that there is an anti-growth rhetoric in this town?
Taberner - absolutely not

In other communities, there is more madness than what happens here
If the project is thought out and well designed, meeting all the requirements, regulations and laws, you will get through very quickly

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

FM #13 - Downtown Planning & Community Development

Another in a series of podcasts on what matters in Franklin, MA. This one focusing on the presentation by Brian Taberner, the Director of the Downtown Planning & Community Development.

Time: 39 minutes, 27 seconds

MP3 File

Session Notes

Music intro

My intro

FM #13

By way of catching up, I will do some shorter podcasts to provide the detailed discussions to you in their entirety. There is little I can add to the discussion itself so you might as well listen to it all and take from it what you will.

This is from the Town Council meeting on Wednesday 9/3/08 where Brian Taberner, the Downtown Planning and Community Development Director makes his presentation covering the goals, objectives, and projects underway. Beth Dalhstrom assists during the presentation.

The notes taken from my live reporting during the Town Council meeting can be found here

---- ---- ----

This podcast has been a public service provided to my fellow Franklin citizens and voters by Steve Sherlock

For additional information, please visit

If you have questions or comments you can reach me directly at shersteve @ gmail dot com

The musical intro and closing is from the Podsafe Music Network
Jon Schmidt - Powerful Exhilarating Piano Music

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Live reporting - presentation on DP&CD

Brian Taberner, Director of Department of Planning and Community Development
Beth Dalhstrom also present at the meeting

Open space and recreation plan due for public review in October 2008

Affordable Housing plan due for 2010

Zoning bylaws
  • Non-conforming use bylaw due to Town Council in 2-4 weeks
  • Sign Bylaw revisions to follow
  • Inclusionary bylaw to follow

Commonwealth Capital
Avg score 76.5, Franklin score 102. Currently only 11 communities have a higher score

Doak - What are the top things that are driving that score?
Taberner - an aggressive and proactive policy development is driving that, will be tougher to get a hig score each year as we go forward. It looks at what you are doing now, not what you did before.

Create a community where entrepreneurs will want to settle and raise their families
Bartlett - given the recent major layoffs, will that pattern affect this?
Taberner - yes, not directly but yes
Nutting - yes, declines in education will cause property values to decline

Nu-Style Property, Grove St
  • may get a brownfields grant to help in this

Town owned properties
working on unresolved parcels and tax title properties

Four Corners: just about ready to go to the Planning Board and begin that process

Business outreach - don't have the resources to go out and attract specific businesses to Franklin. No longer have the Downtown Manager position to do this.

Industrial zone - substantial opporuntity
900,000 sq ft either empty or underutilized

We want to identify and work with the owners to get the property occupied and generating more revenue than it was before.

Downtown Revitilization plan
  • continue to work with the Downtown Partnership
  • establish an image and identiy
  • Promote Franklin as a Historic Commercial District
  • Create and promote Cultural Corridor including a historic walking trail
Bike racks - reimbursable project, need ideas for locations

Public transit - EMC interested, meeting with GATRA later this month to explore options