Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Live reporting - Citizens Committee

Larry Benedetto
Citizens Committee

we'll be back in July (July 9th) to do some house keeping
I am going to have the whole the committee here
the citizens committee seems to be defined to represent the whole community
we don't want to slight anyone

recent debate about whether we should be related to the Council or not
complaining about the open meeting laws and meeting notifications
also consideration of associate members, to help maintain the quorum

would like to involved in the 'fast tracking' zoning initiative

we'd like to get involved in the Davis Thayer removal of the modular units
we'd like to get into the Downtown train station

hopefully have an update on the land swap with the State about the land next to the recycling center

we are on the cusp of some good things
our experience is this, when Mr Nutting is involved in the project, it moves smoothly

Jones - can you see if the Committee would be interested in addressing parking downtown
Nutting - I have spent the past 6 months working with the Downtown Partnership on parking, and will be coming before the Council with an update

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