Monday, June 23, 2014

Should a nursing facility be located in a residential area?

From a reader:
I love your emails. I was wondering if you could help spread the word about the Athena Health proposed 138-bed nursing facility at 864 Lincoln St. 
The location is currently a residential rural zone 1, the faculty would need a zoning ordinance to proceed. 
Only those with property touching the proposed site were notified of the meeting.

agenda item - Athena Health
agenda item - Athena Health

The Zoning Board of Appeals agendas can be found here

The video of the meeting is not yet available for replay. If someone knows what occurred at the meeting, please let me know.

I did go to the meeting.
Many voiced opposing opinions.
The board continued until July 24 at 7:30.
They requested a full traffic study be done on Lincoln St.
The fire chief sent a memo but was not in attendance. The memo opposed the building permit as it would put addition strain on the Emergency Response which would affect all residence. He also cited poor response times for that area of Franklin would put home residents at at potential risk.

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