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MassBudget: What the Governor vetoed from the FY15 budget

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The FY 2015 Budget and the Governor's Vetoes

Today, the Governor signed into law the state budget for FY 2015. The budget is a statement of priorities, describing what we will do together in the coming year, and detailing how we will pay for those things. With the limited revenue available, this budget focuses on a few priorities, including making investments in our transportation systems, continuing the process of restoring deep funding cuts made to the state's higher education system, and funding reforms of the system for paying human service providers.
In signing the budget, the Governor also exercised his authority to veto line items or portions of line items. These vetoes are small in the context of the full budget, reflecting a high degree of agreement among the Governor, House, and Senate.
The Governor's vetoes are detailed in the table below, many of which are vetoes of specifically earmarked projects.

The state budget includes not only funding appropriations but also changes to state law, in what are called "outside sections." The Governor also vetoed some of these policy provisions and proposed that the Legislature adopt amendments to others (details are included HERE).
With the Governor's signature, the FY 2015 budget is now law. It is important to note, however, that with a two thirds vote of the House and Senate the Legislature can override any of these vetoes.
Please read our recent Budget Monitor for more details on the Legislature's FY 2015 budget, which was enacted on June 30th, prior to these vetoes.

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