Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Live reporting - EPA - 300 Fisher St


multiple folks from MassDEP and US EPA presenting
a multi-million dollar cleanup
contamination extends outside the property boundaries and includes Mine Brook
can qualify for SuperFund listing process

(presentation to be added later) presentation added 7/11/14 - 5:30 AM

six primary areas for contamination
contamination is migrating down Mine Brook, it is not going into Beaver Pond
need to investigate further and to address the contamination that is present

BJAT LLC is property owner and lack resources to deal with the clean up

Discussion on the ownership, whose responsible, etc. will be investigated by EPA as part of this process
determination of liability will be part of the effort
EPA has resources that the State of MA doesn't have access to

It is not likely to be associated with the Town but that final determination has not yet been made

Health risks - physical hazards, as well as lead in Mine Brook that is migrating

EPA has legislation to go after the appropriate parties for liability and to provide funds via the SuperFund if necessary

anyone who has had a hand in contributing or not limiting the contamination will be identified

EPA has a good track record with Potentially Responsible Parties (PRP)

MA has 37 Superfund sites within the state, 70% have responsible parties involved

EPA came in later, MA DEP had asked them first
first notification came in 2007, an engineering company walked through and suspected contamination which was confirmed with research and testing

The EPA is not involved with the NuStyle property as it is not a SuperFund site. They have assisted the Town with remediation

Assistance is being looking for in getting the site onto the listing, it will require a letter from the Governor

There is no air borne solution, just soil and ground water contamination

The process is iterative, in the assess phase right now

SuperFund takes awhile to get it cleaned up
requires multiple Federal rule milestones

National Priorities Listing (NPL)
EPA proposes sites twice a year, the next cycle would be for next spring (spring 2015)
would require letter from Governor by Fall 2014

it is fair to say that this could take a decade or more to resolve
it will be a number of years to get our arms around the scope of the effort

The Federal government does not take ownership, we do place liens on the property to help repay the costs

boots on the ground late 2016 or 2017 to do the real investigation
remediation had to speculate, would be a number of years off

Kelly - are they in good tax status?
Nutting - I don't know off hand

motion to draft letter as necessary, seconded, passed 8-0
letter should be ready by Friday

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