Saturday, July 12, 2014

Update: E-ZPass email phishing scam - sample email

I had shared the alert from MassDOT about the E-ZPass email phishing scam that was making the rounds. As I checked my email spam folder this morning, I found that I had one! How cool... This is what I got and how it looks in Gmail:

E-ZPass phishing email
E-ZPass phishing email
While the Google spam filter has already identified this as spam, one of the key place to look is in the email address. The header of the email will look official (E-ZPass Service Center) but the actual email address will be something other than what it should be (support at The .ru in this case indicated the email is from a Russian domain.

The simple word on how to deal with suspicious emails? Delete.

Don't follow the link, you could pick up a virus or worse. Don't ever provide information if you do follow the link. They are looking for your account info and will take you for a ride if you give it to them.

Be safe!

For reference the post earlier this week can be found here:

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