Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Attention: Frankin Solar Challenge volunteers

Dear Franklin Solar Challenge Volunteers,

Thank you for offering to volunteer and help out with the Franklin Solar Challenge! This is a great program for the Town to reduce our dependence on the utility, help the environment, and receive great pricing on a solar PV system through tiered pricing with SolarFlair Energy. Remember, the more people that sign-up, the better price everyone gets and the town can get free solar installations as well! 

I'd like to reach out and discuss the next steps, along with describing the type of help that's needed. To start we will have a short meeting with all volunteers and SolarFlair on Monday, September 22 at 6 pm in the Municipal Building, Room 205. This meeting will include more information on solar along with a short presentation on what makes a home or business a good fit for solar. 

To kick off the efforts, we're looking for assistance at the Harvest Festival on Sunday Oct. 5th. This is an all-day event and we would like to have waves of volunteers so that we're not taking up your whole day and you're able to enjoy the festival also :) 

After the Harvest Festival, we will have various types of marketing initiatives to spark interest in the program. These may include door hangers for homes that have been pre-qualified as good sites for solar and additional Town events like the Harvest Festival, where we need volunteers to staff the booth for a couple of hours.

Please respond to this email if you're still able to volunteer so that we know how many to expect at the meeting. I look forward to hearing back and meeting those of you that can donate some time to the program, and once again thank you for signing up!


Brett Feldman  (email =
Franklin Town Council508-346-3643

solar farm under construction at Mount St Mary's Abbey in 2013
solar farm under construction at Mount St Mary's Abbey in 2013

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