Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Live Reporting: Presentations

Ron Roux – Design Build, LLC
regarding work being done at Cook's Farm to use Franklin resources
some have been used so far, more to be used where possible
meeting and presentation scheduled to outline the proposal and scope of work to assess interest
will need to be competitive
at the same time we have a business and not every task/or trade will be available
how do you get the word out to do this?
I am here tonight
I don't know if the Milford paper is here tonight or if the Franklin paper is

David McKearney, Board of Health
An overview of the Health Dept.
109 restaurants, 30 retail establishments, inspected 2x a year
regular inspection schedule doesn't include complaint inspections or re-inspections as requried

an education for new proprietors coming to town to operate

summer food events (4th of July, St Rocco's, Farmers Market)
all require inspections

perc testing for septic systems
may take time to witness the perc test, in some cases 80-90 mins per inch
do have some of the best turn around for approved plans

MA DEP relinquished some of the responsibilities but it does require additional time for us to accomplish this

Franklin has quite a few apartments, the local Health Dept is required to enforce housing codes
very time consuming, not infrequent that it ends up in court
some can be resolved with a quick order letter, some take many months
we get hording calls, these are difficult to resolve
they are successful if the individual has a support system, otherwise they are difficult to resolve

we get complaints about 'public nuisance'
if involving grass clippings, it is really a private issue
if it is a unkept pool breeding insects, that is a public nuisance

inspect swimming pools and spa, not personal ones but those in health clubs and hotels

summer months bring a lot of activity, kids camps operate here
camp needs to follow state code, CORI checks, etc.

inspections for personal services (manicure, pedicure, tanning salons, etc.)

also issue beaver permits; trap bans issued several years ago
the DPW is one of the biggest applicants, can damage the water supply
the number is increasing each year

all inspections require infield component and paperwork to complete the inspection

lots of foot traffic at the office, designated office hours during the day to meet, answer questions and register complaints

been here 10 years, lots of challenges but lots of success as well

H1N1 virus response was one of the most successful flu clinics in the state
good collaboration on something not done before

none smoking area established 30 feet from an entrance to a public facility
there is a learning curve with this but we have had good compliance

staffing is one of the most challenging issues we have faced
recently hired a part-time inspector and now feel we are adequately equipped to support the requirements

may come for secretarial coverage for full time
when we are not in the office, the window needs to be closed
that is not a good service

Kelly - thanks for all your hard work
the process in other towns is not as easy

Bissanti - I don;t think I have heard anything derogatory about your dept
would the Blackstone situation have been covered by the Dept of Health

McKearney - yes, we would be covering
we need authority to enter the house
the police and fire can go in due to the medical incident
but if the responsible party is taken away, we can't get permission to go in

Feldman - are we going to do anything about Ebola?

McKearney - we have the health infrastructure in place to prevent the spreading here
if a case did occur, it would be taken care of rapidly
the new respiratory virus occurring in the Midwest, they expect it to reach MA and to spread through the schools; not much different from a normal virus

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