Sunday, September 14, 2014

Please Support Neighbor Brigade!

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It's hard to believe October is just around the corner and Neighbor Brigade's annual Pam's Run 
On Oct 18, 2014 we honor Pam Washek's memory and the need to support the mission she ignited and that lives on. 
This is my 3rd year leading the Franklin chapter and I am honored to be helping our neighbors when an immediate short term crisis enters their lives.  The community of volunteers in Franklin has been a great comfort to families, knowing a neighbor is willing to lend a helping hand if family and friends are not enough or available.  
After a year of many of my close friends and family members challenged by the unexpected health and life challenges, I could not imagine anyone doing these real life days without help.  We continue to grow as a community of volunteers as well as our partnerships in the community.  
I am grateful to take part in a wonderful organization that is bringing needed love and attention to our neighborhoods.  Please support Neighbor Brigade in any way you can to help in enriching more and more communities to join and help their neighbors!  
I have a donation page open and ready: 
Much love and thanks in advance, 
Neighbor Brigade - help is next door
Neighbor Brigade - help is next door

The Organization:

Neighbor Brigade
Neighbor Brigade establishes and mobilizes community-specific networks of volunteers to help residents facing sudden crisis such as devastating illness, accident, or other tragic event. Our volunteers provide non-medical, non-monetary services and collaborate with the shared purpose of helping fellow residents. Neighbor Brigade provides temporary support to those affected while strengthening the fabric of a community.

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