Saturday, September 27, 2014

Caregiver Support in Massachusetts

From the MA.GOV blog we find good tips for caregivers and a listing of resources.
The Massachusetts Family Caregiver Support Program empowers caregivers through information, education, support, and services that help enhance their quality of life. Caregivers may experience physical, emotional, and financial strain while caring for a loved one. With this in mind, the Commonwealth offers support resources to ease those stresses and reduce the challenges of caregiving. 
Care for the Caregiver 
Whether you are just beginning a caregiving role or continuing to care for an older person whose needs are increasing, it’s important to  take care of your own physical and mental health. Remember to recharge and take time for yourself. Rest, maintain healthy eating habits, get enough sleep each night, exercise, and communicate your needs to others when in need of help.
You can continue reading the MA.GOV article here
screen shot article on caregiver support
screen shot article on caregiver support 
One resource we can add to the list for Franklin is the program started earlier this year at the Franklin Senior Center.
The Companion Caregiver Program at the Franklin Senior Center recently received an award from the Massachusetts Council on Aging for "innovative program". The award ceremony was on June 6 at Lake Pearl in Wrentham.

The program offers in home full time caregivers respite for 2-4 hours per week if they are caring for someone 60 years of age or older with Dementia or a major medical illness. There is NO restriction on age of caregiver to be eligible for the program. 
The cost of the program is between $8 and $12 per hour depending upon household income. This cost is at least $8 below current market rate.

Our companions provide socialization and stimulation for the recipient of care in the home setting. The companions are trained in Dementia and Elder Care, cultural competency, CPR and first aid, and fall risk. 
We tailor activities with the recipient based on our review of their interests.

For more information please feel free to contact Elaine Owens at the Franklin Senior Center. the number is 508-520-4945.

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