Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Live reporting - Discussion Only Items

Discussion Only Items

Policy review continued
1 - GBGB - staff health and safety
2 - IJOC - school volunteers
updated to bring current for language and current conditions

Collaborative Agreements

changes a couple of years ago fostered change in the management of the collaborative
Franklin works with two; BICO and Accept
took two years for DESE final approvals
school committees are required to sign off on the agreements

Evaluation of Superintendent

ratings of smart goals set by Maureen
found "performance exemplary in all categories"

"a collaborative not-ego driven leader"

"a collaborative relationship with the municipal side"

"academic performance has flourished under her leadership"

"not just about being an innovator but also about rigor"

"we are lucky to have Maureen Sabolinski, it just doesn't happen, leadership does matter"

"workaholic is the word we usually can use to describe you"
"those relationships and bonds with staff members have served you well"

"I am humbled by the things you have said"

Policies moved to 2nd reading
motion to approve, second, approved 7-0

Motion to approve BICO agreement
motion to approve, second, approved 7-0

motion to approve Accept agreement
motion to approve, second, approved 7-0

motion to approve Superintendent evualation
motion to approve, second, approved 7-0

motion to accept donations
motion to approve, second, approved 7-0

Superintendent report

just started a digital learning committee, about 30 teachers across the district
curriculum embedded with digital citizenship

space needs to be looked at

substantial year planned

Channel 5 recording a wake up call

WBZ did a piece on the rehearsal of the concert

snow season is coming; looking to set up driver training for students in inclement weather

Accuweather account setting up for forecasting for snow days

Curriculum night - Sep 30th
new format, inviting parents to experience their child's schedule

thanks for all the help with the opening and dedication
student volunteers helped, faculty

student tech team coming in for next meeting, to recognize them for their help

student selected for all-national band, performing at Nashville

could have a future meeting at the high school

thank you for all the work you did to make that happen

Subcommittee reports

next meeting the 30th

FEF fund raising efforts - Nov 1st
no school on the 25th

motion to adjourn, seconded, approved 7-0

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