Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ladybug Seeking Artist c/o FAA

Dear FAA members,  
The Franklin Downtown Partnership/Jane's Frames are looking for an artist for their lady bug.  This is the last of the lady bugs to be painted. Here is what they are hoping to see:  
A background using mostly the blue of the partnership's color with some other colors to give it some texture interest, we could then decoupage some information cutting our "stuff" in the shape of some buildings to make it look downtown-ish. We would use the bottom  8 inches or so for the "buildings". We also like to keep the look of a ladybug, so we wanted it to have a face, with some antennae. 
Contact Claire Griffin ( for details.  
Deadline for production is Oct. 5th. 
Hannah Close
FAA Corresponding Secretary

Some Ladybugs look like this:

Home Is Blooming
Home Is Blooming

Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home

Photos of all the Ladybug Spots can be found on Flickr

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