Thursday, September 4, 2014

Franklin Solar Challenge - Public Meeting on September 10, 2014

All:  The Town has received proposals from six Solar Panel Installation Companies for the Franklin Solar Challenge project.  I am working with a Proposal Review Committee made up of four Town residents who volunteered to review the proposals and interview the solar installation companies. Interviews took place today (September 3rd) and the Proposal Review Committee has identified two finalist. The Committee will conduct further review of the two finalists to assure the Town chooses the solar installation company that is right for the Franklin Solar Challenge project.  Both companies are well qualified and have implemented similar projects in other Massachusetts communities.

Which ever solar installation company is chosen for the Franklin Solar Challenge they will be in attendance at a meeting on September 10th at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at 355 East Central Street. The company will provide specifics about their company and general information on solar panel installation costs and the different options available.

I hope all interested residents and small businesses are able to attend next week's meeting.  If not able to attend next week there will be many other opportunities in the near future to obtain the same information, including at the Harvest Festival on October 5th. Either way, the solar installation company chosen by the Town will begin contacting all individuals that previously provided the Town with contact information.   
In addition to the solar installation company chosen for the Franklin Solar Challenge, a partnering energy audit company will be in attendance at next week's meeting.  It is not required, but strongly recommended that all property owners considering solar panels first have a free energy audit performed. Additional information will be provided at next week's meeting. 
I look forward to working with the Town's residents and small businesses on the Franklin Solar Challenge project.  

Bryan W. Taberner, AICP
Director of Planning and Community Development
355 East Central Street
Franklin, MA 02038-1352

the solar farm at Mount St Mary's Abbey
the solar farm at Mount St Mary's Abbey

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