Friday, September 5, 2014

"The permitting process seems to be working as intended"

As I missed the Town Council meeting on Wednesday, the Milford Daily News today reveals some of the discussion on one of the many agenda topics.

The council’s Economic Development Committee will examine the various special permit criteria and report its findings. 
Such a permit is needed when certain aspects of a project do not meet the requirements of a zoning district. It gives the town granting authorities – the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals – oversight on projects not allowed by right. 
"Right now I’ve counted a little more than 106 special permit uses in our zoning tables," said councilor Andrew Bissanti. "I find that a little excessive, that’s all." 
In the case of the Starbucks proposal, the planned drive-thru would sit about 120 feet away from a residential property, which allowed the Planning Board to impose restrictions on the hours of operation.
Continue reading the article online here (subscription maybe required)

The posted agenda for the meeting Wednesday can be found here

The video of the meeting when posted will be found here

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