Sunday, December 28, 2014

"acts of kindness can greatly improve the lives of others"

From the MA Gov blog they have an article with good tips on how to donate wisely this holiday season.

How to Donate
Charitable organizations provide a variety of services to those most in need. With many charities asking for your assistance, it’s important to give wisely.
  1. Find a cause you are passionate about – Donating can directly benefit the issues you care about the most. Looking to help the homeless and the hungry? Reach out to one of the many food banks in the Commonwealth. If you love animals, contacting an animal shelter for information on contributing can be a great idea. Additionally, you can assist families in need by providing baby supplies, books, clothes, and household items.
  1. Research the charity – As part of the “Donating Dos and Don’ts” it’s important to know to where your money is going. While most foundations are reputable and legitimate there are few that are not. Whensupporting and evaluating charities you can review the organization’s federal Form 990, search through the Non-Profits & Charities Document database, or ask directly for their financial statements.
  1. Document your donations – Many contributions are tax deductible. In order to be eligible for deductions, keep track of how much you’ve given and to what organizations, obtain a receipt for your donation if possible.
  1. Encourage family and friends – Giving charitably to others promotes community ties and bring happiness to those who need it most. Telling those close to you about opportunities to donate can inspire them to do the same.
screen grab of MA Gov article on charitable donations
screen grab of MA Gov article on charitable donations

Read the full article here

While there are many worthy charitable organizations in Franklin, for a year end taxable contribution, I would recommend helping the Food Pantry.
Food and non-food donations can be placed in the bin by the Food Pantry front door at 43 West Central St. Please be mindful of what you leave given the weather conditions. 
Financial contributions can be mailed to Franklin Food Pantry, PO Box 116, Franklin, MA  02038 or made securely through our webpage:  
donate securely here
donate securely here

Disclosure: I volunteer some of my time for the Board of Directors of the Franklin Food Pantry where I serve as Board Secretary and Chairperson of the Communications Committee.

This was also shared on the Franklin Food Pantry page here

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