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Franklin Annual Report 2014: Fire Department

Continuing our read through the Annual Report we turn to the Fire Dept.

The Department

The Franklin Fire Department is divided into two divisions: Operations and Maintenance, which is the largest and responsible for dispatch, emergency medical services, fire suppression and hazardous materials response. Administration and Support Services is responsible for personnel, budget and finance, training, code compliance and coordinating the Town's emergency preparedness.

Our Mission

The mission of the Franklin Fire Department is to:

  • Have a positive impact in the lives of citizens and visitors of Franklin in their time of crisis by providing compassionate, contemporary, community driven services.
  • Safeguard human life from the perils of fire, sudden illness, injury or other emergency medical condition, natural and man-made disasters as well as preserve the environment and property from ensuing destruction.
  • Be responsible for a safe, productive and pleasant work environment for our employees, and provide them opportunities to gain new skills and advance their personal career goals.

Tower One - fully extended during the Harvest Festival 2014
Tower One - fully extended during the Harvest Festival 2014

Operational Objectives

• Initiating advanced life support to patients within 8 minutes of receiving the telephone call at our communications center.
• To access, extricate, treat and transport and transport trauma patients to a level one trauma medical facility within one hour of the occurrence of the injury.
• Interrupt the progression of fires in structures within 8 minutes of open flame ignition.
• To insure response readiness remains greater than 70%.
• Provide safety and survival skills for all school students in grade K through 5 consistent with the Student Awareness Fire Education (SAFE} initiative of the Commonwealth.
• Provide educational opportunities for department members to insure optimal performance and safety.
• To develop and maintain "best practice" to insure personnel and citizen safety.
• Insure fire safety through timely, consistent code compliance services to all external customers.
• Provide all department services in a manner that satisfies the needs of our customers.

Message from the Fire Chief

Similar to Fiscal Year 2103, Fiscal Year 2014 continued to be challenging for the members of the department to meet the high level of emergency services we strive to maintain for the citizens of Franklin . Unlike our report last year, Fiscal Year 2014 proved to have reason for hope, with the department receiving a Federal Staffing for Adequate Emergency Response (SAFER) Grant in the amount of $ 741,000. This grant allows the department to replace four firefighter - paramedics positions lost to budget constraints in Fiscal Year 2009 and will pay the salaries and benefits for these positions for the next two years. The last of the four personnel new completed the Academy in the end of May. The department also saw the return to work of two members on long term injury leave, which also aided in daily operations, leaving three employees on long term injury from 2013. These additions greatly improved day to day operations, substantially reducing the department's reliance on overtime.

As outlined in previous reports, in November of 2012, reduction in overall staffing levels forced the department to reduce minimum daily staffing to 9 personnel. The effect on service level has been negative, with a decrease in response time in the King Street District by 5%, increase in on-scene times by over 50% and an increase in overall time of incident, department-wide by 9%. While these conditions continue we are hopeful to increase minimum daily staffing back to 10 on-duty personnel in the beginning of Fiscal Year 15, with the return to duty or retirement of last 3 individuals on long term injury leave.

As indicated above, the department hired four new members to the department - 3 residents of the Town. We welcome William Blanchard, Jamie Murphy, Christopher Schmall and Joseph Padykula to the fire department. All have a varied range of experience in the fields of emergency medical and fire services and are a great addition to our organization. Additionally at the end of this year Robert Donovan stepped down as the Department's SAFE Officer. As SAFE Officer, Bob was responsible for providing and organizing public education for our department that focused on our school aged children and elderly populations. Bob lead this effort with distinction for years - we are grateful for his service and dedication in this position. This year the department responded to more than 3,400 emergency responses an overall increase of less than 1% from last year. This modest increase reflected no major increase in any call type category from Fiscal Year 2012.

In addition to emergency response, the department also continued to try to expand its fire prevention education activities, providing safety and survival education to the most vulnerable population to fire - our children and seniors. Through the dedicated efforts of SAFE Officer Robert Donovan, the department continued to educate over 100 children per month as well as attend various activities at the Senior Center. Lieutenant Tom Carlucci with Firefighter Keith Darling and Doug Perro provide dedicated assistance in completing this important service to our citizens.

Franklin Fire Dept
Franklin Fire Dept
Our employees continue to be the chief reason for maintaining our current the level of success and level of services we provide our citizens. They continue to work tirelessly to protect life and property within Franklin. In addition to their on-duty responses, our employees commit countless hours in continuing education and training targeted to maintain and improved upon their emergency skills. Additionally, they continue to press forward in attempt to provide the highest level of service to the community based upon advancement in the fire-rescue field and advancements in technology. These efforts have yielded significant and broad insight into the requirements necessary to maintain and improve upon the services we provide to the citizens of Franklin.

Respectfully Submitted,
Gary B. McCarraher, Fire Chief

You can find out more about the Fire Dept on their informative town webpage

They publish their response performance statistics quarterly

Details on the two fire stations and the various types of equipment that the Fire Dept has available can be found here


The section on the Fire Dept also included some charts and information that was not as easy to share as the text. You can find the Fire Dept section on page 115

The full annual report can be obtained from the Town Clerk's office (hard copy) or viewed and/or downloaded from the Franklin website here

Annual reports of prior years can also be found online at

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