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Pipelines to Powerlines - The Climate Minute Podcast

New post on Mass Climate Action Network (MCAN)

Pipelines to Powerlines- The Climate Minute Podcast

by massclimateaction
As a leader in the fight against climate change, Massachusetts often has to deal with problems at the leading edge. Is a natural gas pipeline through the state a good idea? Is it wise to import hydro-power from Quebec in order to achieve our emissions goals? We discuss these topics, along with a review of the proceedings down in Lima.
Kinder Morgan re-routes it's controversial pipeline. We talk with Rich Cowan about what is happening on the front lines of the struggle. Better Futures Project's Craig Altemouse provides a run down of reasons to oppose the pipeline on the Huffington Post. For even more info, check out the MA Pipeline Action Network . The next hearing on the low-demand scenario is scheduled for December 18th.
The Globe's Business Page gives a somewhat unclear discussion of the Hydro-Quebec question. But the Op-Ed page has a simpler explanation. Alternatively, the State could save emissions by adjusting our thermostats or using tidal power.
In Peru, the COP20 in Lima has been on-going. ThinkProgress gives an update , and DemocracyNow talks to Pablo Solon. If you do nothing else, watch John Kerry's remarkable speech.
Because we recognize the necessity of personal accountability for our actions, because we accept responsibility for building a durable future and because we believe it is our patriotic duty as citizens to speak out, we must insist that the United States put a price on carbon.
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…Ted McIntyre
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