Friday, December 12, 2014

Graduation gown discussion

From Pantherbook, their editorial written by Sammy Croteau
Recently the Franklin High School (FHS) Student Government was approached by the Gay Straight Alliance with a proposal to do away with the white and blue graduation robes, that are assigned by gender, and to adopt one robe color for all graduating students. This proposal has sparked much controversy and division within the student body. Even outside news agencies have come to the school to highlight the issue. 
I have spoken with many of my classmates who feel strongly of keeping the blue and white graduation robes. With all due respect for those who are petitioning for a change, we need to give voice to those who seek to preserve the blue and white tradition. 
In order for our school to be together as one we need to start considering what unites us rather than what separates us. We are all Franklin Panthers whose school colors are blue and white. Changing our school’s traditions to soothe the feelings of a few seems drastic and unnecessary. Tradition is important and so is representing our true school colors on the day we graduate. 
Individuals who feel uncomfortable having to choose between graduation gowns of blue and white should not be afraid to choose the color that best suits them. Today’s student body has learned to welcome the quality of our diversity and the traditions that unite us. 
I believe the student body should all have the freedom to choose what school color they would like to wear on their graduation day, despite their gender. Shouldn’t we promote freedom of choice for all students at FHS? This compromise can be achieved by opening up a vote to the whole student body on whether or not we should be free to choose. 
The power of the democratic process will allow us to rise above the politics of division and make any changes adopted acceptable to the majority.

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