Wednesday, April 29, 2015

280 unit apartment building at 1330-1342 West Central Street

At 7PM Thursday evening (April 30th) the Franklin Zoning Board of Appeals will be deciding on whether or not to issue a building permit for a monstrosity of an apartment complex in Franklin. The proposed complex will be located close to the intersection of rt140 and South Maple Street in Bellingham (see photo), an area that has significant traffic issues as is.

The meeting is at the Franklin Municipal Building. Both Franklin and Bellingham residents are welcome, and a strong presence is crucial to having our voices heard.

Since the land is privately owned, development is inevitable. However, the complex needs to be scaled down to a more reasonable size so as to minimize the impact to that all ready traffic-congested area.

Please try to attend the meeting, and please share the info.
(the photo depicts the total area of the proposed proposed project - the photo was edited to add an orange arrow/text to point out Garelick Farms.)

Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)
Agenda item
1312 and 1330-1342 W. Central St – Acme Jazz, LLC Applicant is seeking a building permit to construct a 280 unit multi – family development. The building permit is denied without a comprehensive permit from the ZBA.
The full agenda for the ZBA meeting can be found here

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