Sunday, April 26, 2015

Connection between white van delivering Verizon phone books and break-ins?

Sharing this from our "network" of Franklin neighbors

I wanted to share some info with you about recent break ins. Our television was stolen in may last year. Our front door was busted open and there was a Verizon phonebook on the front stairs. No one ever uses our front door as our driveway is at our side door. I had a friend tell me Friday their house in Bellingham was broken into while she was at work. 
When i got home Friday night I noticed our Verizon phonebooks this year were put at the mailbox unit we share with two neighbors across the street, not at our doorsteps. I asked my friend in Bellingham and she had also received a Verizon phonebook Friday when her house was broken into. 
My mother saw the van dropping the phonebooks off today and ID'd the vehicle and driver. Its an older model ford van Ohio license plate Z781154. She drove around the neighborhood and stopped the van asking "if they had seen a black lab running around". There was one guy driving and one guy with a hooded sweatshirt sitting in the back of the van. 
Bellingham And Franklin PD have been given this information but wouldn't question them as no one saw them doing anything wrong. I hope they are just delivering phonebooks, but I know last year there was a connection between a white van/suv and the break ins. I didn't want to post my name with this on your page but thought you may be able to do something with it. People should be vigilant to cars driving around dropping off phonebooks. 
Thanks for your time.

If you do see something, please contact the Franklin Police Dept.

Franklin Police Station - 911 Panther Way
Franklin Police Station - 911 Panther Way

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