Saturday, May 2, 2015

Has the process been followed?

Given that the following resolution was passed in May 2014, did you see any notifications or announcements about a license being available in the past several weeks?

No, neither did some other folks. Franklin announcements are usually posted here:
Franklin news and announcements
Franklin news and announcements

Why is there a license award coming up for the Town Council meeting on Wednesday?

Or is this the same one that brought about the discussion in March 2014 that lead to the policy?

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Whereas: The Town Council has asked for a fair and equitable policy for the disposition of available alcoholic beverages (Package Store) Licenses;

Whereas: In order to provide an opportunity to all potential businesses to compete for an available (either because census results in additional license or existing licensee surrenders license) Liquor or Beer and Wine license, the Town Council wishes to adopt the following process.

• When the Town Administrator becomes aware of an available license he/she shall:
• Give notice to Town Council at the next Council meeting.
• Advertise the availability of the license via the Town Web page and other appropriate means. The advertisement will state the date the applications must be submitted and the hearing date before the Town Council.
• Conduct a hearing at which the applicants will be allowed to make their case before the Council in support of their application.
• Council will make a determination whether a public need exists based on a set of criteria which may include:
o Proximity of existing establishments.
o Will the license be used to enhance the economic development of a neighborhood?
o Impact on neighborhood.
o Is it near a school or place of worship?
o Other? 

• Council may determine that no public need exists, not withstanding applicant(s)

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The policy was posted on the Franklin webpage here

David vs. Goliath
David vs. Goliath

Franklin Liquors (yes, the one located just down the street from the Big Y) posted this

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